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“Catching Up to Whole Foods.” Nina Amir, Grocery Headquarters, March 2009

May 5 2009 No Commented

“Whole Foods has been successful in attracting employees living the WF lifestyle.” “It is tremendous theater, but they’ve also got a good set of actors and actresses to play the parts.” “To the extent that retail grocers are partnering with national brands and coming up with their own unique store brands, they give shoppers more […]

“Now Playing in Aisle 7…” ElBoghdady, Dina. Washington Post. January 29, 2003.

May 5 2009 No Commented

“Whatever strides supermarkets have made catering to parents and kids, they still have a long way to go. Many in-store bathrooms are not child-friendly. And it’s the rare grocery that makes it easy for mom or dad in the parking lot. Parking spots for pregnant women are tough to find. Then there’s the issue of […]

“At Smaller Grocery Chains, Selection and Service Loom Large.” Pressler, Margaret. Washington Post. May 12, 2002.

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“We’ve replaced the merchants with the bean counters. We need the merchants back.” “I think what’s happened is a lot of today’s supermarkets focus too much on Wall Street.”