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Victor Angeline IV, Category Manager General Merchandise: NonFoods, Wakefern Food Corp.

June 27 2017 No Commented

Thank you for leading what was an insightful, thought-provoking lecture series last week at PLMA!

Your charismatic attitude helped to move the days on smoothly, while keeping us engaged and looking forward to the next discussion topic.

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Dane Twining, Director, Public Relations Private Label Manufacturers Association

June 27 2017 No Commented

Thanks as ever for your incredible energy, enthusiasm and unconditional dedication to making our PLMA Executive Education week in Philadelphia a success…and sincerely look forward to our next opportunities for working together.

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Dennis Roberts, Vice President of Sales, Crystal Creamery

June 24 2016 No Commented

I just wanted to again thank you for the time last week at the PLMA Executive Education Program. I came away with some good ideas to implement, as well as some ideas that were reinvigorated from my past! I never had the chance to extend my education with an MBA, but seminars like this help keep me sharp…

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Mike Thurstan, National Business Manager, Inovata Foods

June 24 2016 No Commented

I just wanted to thank you for making last week’s PLMA seminar enjoyable and memorable. It was a great session and I really appreciated your style of teaching along with your massive knowledge base on strategy and innovation. I really enjoyed your insights and real life examples.

I am going to enjoy the books!

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John Ponnett, SVP Operations, Giant Carlisle Division

January 6 2016 No Commented

Dr. George recently completed a series of custom built seminars for each level of management in my organization. Having heard countless presenters over many years in the grocery industry, I can say with confidence, there is no speaker more passionate than Dr. George. (and for those of you who know, he brings the same passion and energy to his business seminars, as he does to the MBA classroom)

His ability to connect relevant industry topics with a blend of academic IQ, underpinned by highly engaging and entertaining style, kept my team on the edge of their seats…. and each seminar was an audience of 200++ team members. His ability to connect the dots on trends and their respective implications to our business, was amazing. Equally, his reach was across generations was impressive. From boomers, to millennials, with gen X and Y in between, my team simply loved his style. He was rated a 10 on our 10 point evaluation scale for each meeting. If your company is looking for a way to grow the skill set of your team members, and build their leadership capabilities, you need to have Dr. George speak to your group.

Can’t wait to have you back for another series Dr. G. (and my team is asking for an encore performance too…..)

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RateMyProfessor.Com – 4.8 Overall Rating, Student Comments

January 11 2015 No Commented

“What an amazing professor! No one cares about students like this man, and just by going to his class and learning from him, I am so excited to start my career in food marketing! Good Luck with everything Dr. G!”

“Dr. George was one of my favorite professors at Saint Joes! His dedication to his students is admirable and he will truly be missed. Great professor, fun class!”

“Amazing professor. No one cares about the growth of his students more than Dr. G. Even though he is retired he still sends his class emails of encouragement. He will be missed!”

“One of the best professors and people I have come in contact with at SJU. Cares about his students more than anything else. Will truly be missed.”

“Good teacher, but even better person. I truly believe he will help you even five years out of school. Was lucky to be in his last class ever.”

“Absolutely great professor and individual. Very kind and truly cares about his students. Will miss him now that he retired. Easily one of my favorite professors at SJU.”

“Dr. George is the most passionate and kind-hearted SJU professor I’ve ever had. He cares so much about his students and their future. I had him for transitions this semester and it was my favorite class. I wish all professors could be as passionate as Dr. George.”

“Foodservice was an excellent overview of all aspects of the industry. Dr. George brings in great speakers with a variety of experiences and knowledge. Take this course if you are interested in learning a whole new side of food marketing!”

“Dr. George is extremely enthusiastic about Food Marketing! He is an exceptional teacher and a great guy all around. Very approachable and always willing to help! If you have the chance to take Dr. George, DO IT!!!”

“Dr. George is the most passionate professor at SJU. The transition course truly encompassed all necessary tips and strategies for approaching the “real world” full force. Do yourself a favor and take Transitions! It makes you think about the unavoidable questions early on in your senior year.”

“Dr.G is the reason being a FMK major is the best at SJU. He was the best professor I have taken and this is my final fall semester. Dr.G cares so much about his students and makes it a point to help you with your job search. If you get a chance to take him, you would be a moron not to take him.”

“Every FMK major should take Dr. G atleast once before they graduate-don’t miss out on the opportunity to take this great teacher! Lots of experience, the book is great & easy to read (he wrote it himself w/ Stanton), and he truly cares about all of his students. Can be a tough grader, but it is your major so it’s to be expected. Loved his class!”

“Dr. G is great, the book is outstanding and all the class material is very helpful for any food marketing student. D. G is one of the best teachers at SJU if you have the opportunity to take him do so you will not regret it.”

“One of the most helpful professors I’ve ever had. He really cares about your success as a student and in life. He gives a fair amount of writing assignments but is extremely helpful. Take him!”

“Best professor I have had. He really knows what he’s talking about and all he wants to do is impart that knowledge to you. I loved going to his class. Take him as many times as you can while at SJU.”

“Dr. George is a great professor with a lot of experience in the food marketing field. He brings real life examples and issues into the classroom, promotes creativity and outside the box thinking. I’ve never had a teacher with more energy and enthusiasm for the subject! Definitely recommend!”

“Professor George is enthusiastic and definately enjoys teaching students. He definately keeps your attention for the whole time which is good especially since I had him for a 3 hour night class. He is a fair grader and gets to know his students. I would definately recommend taking him.”

“The best teacher I have had at SJU…his energy really helps during a long night class and he cares about every one of his students.”

“The most entertaining class I’ve had at St. Joe’s. Discussion in class was really useful to bring up as conversation during interviews. Highly reccomended.”

“Great teacher with a lot of experience that he incorporates in the classroom. He wrote the book used in class so he knows it inside and out, which helps. He knows how to not make it boring by bringing in current, real world examples to apply to what we’re learning. I would highly recommend taking. No tests, just class participation and two papers.”

“The best teacher i’ve ever had. TAKE HIM! Class is fun!”

“He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He is really smart and knowledgable about the business. Interesting stories.”

“Every food marketing major should take him. He has a lot to offer you. you will succeed in the market just by listening to his success stories. He gets paid hundreds of dollars a day to speak..and you can have it for free..well for 38,000 a yr!”

“Every FMK major should take Dr. G atleast once before they graduate-don’t miss out on the opportunity to take this great teacher! Lots of experience, the book is great & easy to read (he wrote it himself w/ Stanton), and he truly cares about all of his students. Can be a tough grader, but it is your major so it’s to be expected. Loved his class!”

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Mark S. Allen, President & CEO, International Foodservice Distributors Association

December 19 2012 No Commented

Thank you once again for the tireless effort you put into the Peck Fellowship the past three years. It was helpful to get a “fresh” set of eyes on our industry. You hit the nail on the head with your insights into a lack of trust across the trading spectrum. It is an issue that has plagued our industry for many years. But, as you well know, it also affords tremendous opportunity for those companies willing to think and act differently.

The last phase of the research has proven to be the most valuable. As we identified a truly collaborative model and worked with distributors, brokers and manufacturers to overcome past behavior and create more sustainable, profitable relationships, I believe we are truly onto something. It has been personally rewarding to be part of something that went from words to action and has had a measureable impact on those companies willing to embrace collaboration.

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“Mature Millennials vs Mature Baby Boomers: Foodservice Similarities, Differences, Opportunities,” National Restaurant Association Show, May 2012.

October 15 2012 No Commented

Sample of Verbatim Responses

  • Awesome!
  • Best session in 10 years plus at NRA show.
  • Delivered on seminar title promise. Good data from research.
  • Speaker had great energy and got the audience involved.
  • Great information.
  • Great speaker, shares stories to make content relevant.
  • Presentation by a Mature Boomer for an audience of Mature Boomers.
  • Very knowledgeable.
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“Effective Events and Advertising,” IGA-Coca Cola Institute, October 2011

November 21 2011 No Commented

It was great having you. Participants enjoyed your presentation, it was in the top five. I’m not sure but I think they valued it, you think?

Here are the comments we got for your presentation:

  • I think the marketing part of his presentation was awesome. It’s a low cost way to raise sales. Great ideas.
  • Very good.
  • Fun and informative.
  • Excellente!
  • One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.
  • Good opening.
  • Good presentation.
  • Great presenter!
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“Think Like a Brand, Act Like a Retailer,” Super Breakfast Session, National Grocers Association Convention 2011.

April 12 2011 No Commented

Sampling of Verbatim Responses (450 Attendees) Overall rating = 3.7 (4.0 point scale)

  • “Relates to all businesses.  Very Beneficial!”
  • “Best ever.”
  • “Dr. George was very enthusiastic, kept the audience involved.”
  • “Outstanding presenter.  Relevant material, strong ideas generated.”
  • “Great information, energetic and fun.”
  • “Inspirational and creative!”
  • “Exciting presenter, excellent message.”
  • “Excellent, as usual.”
  • “Bring back Dr. G.”
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