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“Delighting Baby Boomers.” Food Forum, Grocery Headquarters, February 2008.

May 5 2009 No Commented

“A very real opportunity presents itself to supermarket managers who want to improve the customer service experience for baby boomers.” “Cosmetic changes are not enough.  Nor will a ‘one size fits all’ approach work.” “Supermarkets need to understand the specific needs of baby boomers and then develop their unique approach to customer service.”

“Separate Ways.” Nicole Spector, Grocery Headquarters, January 2008.

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“The middle of the road is no place for independent grocers trying to compete in a tough market.” “It is imperative that supermarkets get out of ‘no man’s land’ if they want to flourish and the key is to find a point of differentiation…discovering what makes them stand out and developing it from there.” “Retailers […]

Twenty One Trends in Food Marketing for the 21st Century

April 24 2009 No Commented

by Richard George and John Stanton Raphel Publishing Atlantic City, NJ (1999)