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Perspectives on the Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship

December 27 2012 No Commented A Nutrition Education Toolkit for Children and Their Families

February 27 2012 No Commented

The “epidemic” in childhood obesity has been attributed to various factors: increases in television and computer game use; the explosive proliferation of fast-food restaurants; increases in sugary and fat-laden foods displayed at children’s eye level in supermarkets; working parents who are unable to find the time or energy to cook nutritious meals or supervise outdoor […]

IFDA Peck Fellowship – Mature Millennials v Mature Baby Boomers

September 14 2011 No Commented

This research is an attempt to better understand the older members of Generation Y and to compare their foodservice attitudes and behaviors to the older members of the Baby Boom generation. Older Generation Y will be referred to as Mature Millennials (MM). Older Baby Boomers will be referred to as Mature Baby Boomer (MBB). In particular, foodservice operators need […]

Delightful Customer Service: 12 Steps to a Better Bottom Line

June 29 2009 No Commented

by Richard George & John Stanton SLC Publishing Sewell, NJ (2005) $24.95 plus $2.50 shipping and handling Purchase from Order direct from

Success Leaves Clues

June 28 2009 No Commented

by Richard George and John Stanton 2nd Edition Silver Lake Publishing Los Angeles, CA (1999)

Winning Customer Rules

June 28 2009 No Commented

by Richard J. George RJG Associates, Avalon, NJ (2009)

Independent Operator Insights Into Wholesaler Relations and Services

June 24 2009 No Commented
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Curious how independents like their wholesalers? Whether IOs use wholesaler-provided services such as merchandising, advertising and category management programs and how they rate them? This report provides all the insights into the wholesaler-independent relationship. Developed in cooperation with St. Joseph’s university and based on input from almost 150 independents across the country, this study includes: […]

Food Marketing Expert, Customer Service Expert

June 22 2009 No Commented
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I consider myself a food marketing expert based on working in the food marketing vineyards for over thirty years, as author, consultant, researcher, consumer products brand manager, mentor, expert witness, but mostly as an observer and professor of food marketing. My areas of expertise are food marketing strategy, consumer behavior, retailing, and customer service. I […]

Troy Mummert, Shultz Foods

June 19 2009 No Commented

“It was a pleasure to hear your presentation. I have never been in a marketing seminar that was half as interesting as you made this one. Thanks for your presentation and inspiration. You have a passion and it shows.”

What Customers Think: Operator Panel at Distribution Solutions Conference Shares Views on the Market, Mood & More

June 3 2009 No Commented

See what restaurant operators are concerned with in today’s changing environment in a panel that I moderated.